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A Year In London

Director:  Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter:  Flaminia Graziadei – Laura Jane Swain 

Genre: Lesbian Romance

Format: Feature film

Produced by: LonRom

Film Production: Orange Media Group – Rain Dogs film

Olivia and Nina share a passion for fashion. When they survive a street explosion, love grows between them with desires that they can no longer defy.

a year in london-poster

Civilised Animals

Director: Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter: Laura Jane Swain

Genre: Horror

Format: Feature film

How do you kill a monster without becoming one?

Logline: When an animal rights activist gets attacked by an animal she releases from a science lab, she develops a chilling blood lust and decides to give animal abusers a bitter taste of their own medicine.

A LonRom Film Production Project

a year in london-poster

The Cleaners

Director: Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriters: Flaminia Graziadei -Manuela Caserta – Giulia Pagnacco

Genre: Crime Comedy

Format: TV Series 8 Episodes

O chiami la polizia, o chiami l’ambulanza, o se è troppo tardi, chiami noi: The Cleaners. 

Due famiglie guidate da due insospettabili signore, si contendono a cavallo fra l’Inghilterra e l’Italia, il ruolo di sicari internazionali, per cambiare le sorti del Mondo.

A LonRom Film Production Project



Director: Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter: Laura Jane Swain

Genre: Coming of Age Dramedy

Format: TV Series

Singlehood revolves around a group of millennials, each trying to connect to who they truly are as they navigate friendships, life purposes and the intricacies of sex to the back- drop of London’s fast moving, urban culture. Straight, polyamorous,  gay and lesbian, non-binary, transgender, we include all the ever widening spectrum of sexuality and self-identification in this day and age.From cruel pranks to social cohesion, from the dark net to unexpected life changing encounters- these friends begin to realise that no matter what your age, upbringing, race, culture or sexual leaning, you learn more about yourself through rejection, humiliation and failure than you do when you get something right. As they encounter revenge, prejudice and lawsuits, they each lose themselves in their own drama to ultimately discover who they truly are but will they take hold of the reigns of their own destiny or will fear prevail?