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Flaminia Graziadei Director show reel 2020

flaminia graziadei


A Year In London

Director:  Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter:  Flaminia Graziadei – Laura Jane Swain 

Genre: Lesbian Romance

Format: Feature film

Produced by: LonRom

Film Production: Orange Media Group – Rain Dogs film

Olivia and Nina share a passion for fashion. When they survive a street explosion, love grows between them with desires that they can no longer defy.

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With the support of the Italian MIBACT, Ministry of Culture

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Crazy Bitch Blues Poster

Festival Circuit

Festival Circuit

InterPlay has been chosen for a TV Series co-production between Uk and Italy and is currently in development

Distributed by Opprime Tv USA and Short International TV

Available on Amazon Prime

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Distributed by Short International TV Europe and USA

BDD poster

Distributed by Short International TV Europe and USA

BDD poster

Distributed by short international tv in Europe and USA

In The Name Of The Father

Producer: Flaminia Graziadei

Production: LonRom Film

Director: Billy Klotsa

Writer: Billy Klotsa

Genre: Visual Art Short

Ex Producer: Vasiliki Antonopoulou


A young trans man is faced with the aftermath of the sudden death of his loving father, and begins a surreal journey to find him in the afterlife.

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Feature film In Development

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February 1, 2021

In questa intervista per “Mujeres in Azione!” ci racconta delle sue scelte di vita e dei suoi meravigliosi progetti per il futuro 


November 28, 2018

The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Flaminia Graziadei

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2018

Director Flaminia Graziadei interviewed by Film Doo about her work and LonRom Film

JANUARY 9, 2018

The Heroine’s Journey of Flaminia Graziadei

July 08, 2018

Interview with Filmmaker Flaminia Graziadei

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JUNE 22, 2015

Review of ‘The Final Haunting’


The Final Haunting’ – Interview with director Flaminia Graziadei – Podcast

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January 14, 2014

The Final Haunting the feature just finished ProductionA new film by Flaminia Graziadei featuring Ayi Jihu Tackles Child Abuse Head On

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19 DEC 2013

The Final Haunting the feature just finished Production Award winning film director @fgraziadei is shooting ghost story in Conwy this winter.

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