LonRom Film consists  of Flaminia Graziadei, award winning Director/Producer and Michèle Wheeler, award winning Producer. Flaminia has more than 20 years experience as a Director, Producer, 1st Ad and Production Manager. She has worked in Italy, Spain and the UK.


Michèle  is a graduate in Mass Communication from the University of Texas, with a passion for Cinema and Media.


After meeting in Italy and having worked on several film projects together, they founded LonRom Film in London in 2012, with the aim of producing shorts, features, web series, corporates etc. using art and vision to focus on raising awareness on social issues, discrimination, mental health, minorities, civil rights. Their first project INSIDE OUT, a short film about panic attacks, was awarded Best Short at the London Independent Film Festival 2013, also officially selected in several of the main Festivals all over the world and is currently distributed by Short International TV, together with their second short  I Believe in Monsters,  a suspended short drama about child abuse and domestic violence and with BDD, LonRom first collaboration with the screenwriter Nick Galanides,  about Body Dysmorphia Disorder.

Their first feature film, The Final Haunting, a psychological dark thriller about the mental consequences of child abuse, premiered in the official

selection of Mumbai Women International Film Festival and awarded Best Actor at the London Independent FF, is now distributed in North USA and Canada by Stacks Entertainment. Their latest production  Arrivederci Rosa, a gay comedy short, is currently touring the Festival Circuit where has won 5  awards.  Currently LonRom Film is developing the feature One Year in London, co-production UK-Italy, InterPlay, (of which they have just released the Pilot) an interactive Web Series on the theme of oline dating and is in pre production with the feature road movie brit comedy with two over 70 protagonists, Luton to Leicester, in co-production with Tri-Us Entertainment. All the above projects will be directed by  Flaminia Graziadei.

“we aim to make movies with a meaning”


– Flaminia Graziadei

Flaminia Graziadei

Her 30 year career started as a Dancer and as an Actress between Italy, the Uk and Spain, where she lived and worked. Subsequently she moved into Theatre direction and choreography, creating her company in London Delta Foxtrot Arts Project ( funded by FSA in 1996) and Camins Creuats in Spain (funded by the Council of Alicante in 2006).


Since 2001 she started to work in Cinema, firstly as a 1st Ad and Production Manager, then moving into Direction and Production. In Italy, she directed 4 shorts (Synchronicity, screened on Sky Taxi Channel in 2004, Un Amica in più, finalist at the PA publicity competition, PIENANOTTE, finalist at the White Night Film Festival of Rome) and 1 award winning video Romeo meets the Roms (Rome Film Festival 2005).


In 2012 she moved back to London where she founded her Production company Lon Rom Film Production Ltd. and created her short film INSIDE OUT, the award winning Best Short at the London Independent Film Festival 2013 and officially selected in major Festivals around the world.


In the last 3 years, Flaminia has filmed The Unexplained,  TV Pilot, I Believe in Monsters, short about child abuse and domestic violence, BDD short about Body Dismorphya Disorder and has  completed her first official feature The Final Haunting. The Film, a psychological thriller about the mental consequences of child abuse, was awarded Best Actor at the London Independent FF 2015 and officially selected at the Mumbai Women International FF. Her work Arrivederci Rosa, short gay comedy has been awarded Gold Winner for Directing and Gold Winner for Best Narrative Short, at the Latitude Award 2018, Platinum Award for Best Directing at the Directors Awards 2017, Gold Award for Best Director at the Independents Awards 2017, Award of Merit at the Accolade Global Film Festival, Silver Remi Best Comedy at the Houston Iternational FF, World Cinema Award at the Culver City FF and Grand Jury Prize at the LGBTQA  FF  and is currently touring the Festival Circuit.  Flaminia' s projects in the pipeline are the feature film Luton to Leicester in pre-production (2019) One Year in London in pre-production and InterPlay, Web Series of which she just finished shooting the Pilot.

In September 2018 will be released The Power on One Coin, her latest short, that focuses on Mental Health.

In 2018, Flaminia has founded Food for Movies, a brunch of LonRom Film, dedicated to create commercial with a cinematic flair, working with Emilia Romagna Region and Mercato Metropolitano in London.