Best Short, London Independent Film Festival 2013

Official selections:

ECU, European Independent FF , Paris 2013

Lochside FF, Castle Douglas, Scotland 2013

Shining Light International FF, Indianapolis, USA 2013

London Independent FF 2013

In the Palace International FF, Balchik, Bulgaria 2013

Open Cinema International FF, St. Petersburg, Russia 2013

Toronto Independent FF, Canada 2013

Richmond International FF, Virginia, USA 2014

American Online  Film Awards, 2014

Lo Spiraglio, Rome 2014

FHFF, London 2014


Distributed by Short International TV Europe and USA

Director:  Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter:  Flaminia Graziadei

Genre:  Drama

Production:  LonRom Film Ltd 


Director:  Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter:  Richard Anthony Dunford

Genre:  Psychological Drama

Production:  LonRom Film Production Ltd 

This Film deals with domestic and child abuse from a different angle. Our young protagonist experiences her abusers actions as something supernatural while the reality of the real life monsters in our society is undoubtedly scarier than fiction. It’s a comment on children who use their imaginations as a defense mechanism.

Official slection:

London Independent Film Festival 2014

FHFF, London 2014

Zero Film festival, UK 2014

Marbella Film Festival, Spain 2014


Distributed by Short International TV Europe and USA