Director:  Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter:  Nick Galanides

Genre:  Psychological Drama (Trailer/short)

Production: LonRom Film Production Ltd

As the world becomes ever more narcissistic, a young woman struggles to cope with the psychological illness that has pervaded her life, the Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Beedeedee is a short, provocative film that highlights the menace of a looks-obsessed society that will spit out fragile ego from it raised, ugly head.


Distributed by Short International TV Europe and USA

The Final Haunting

Director:  Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter:  Sue Green

Genre: psychological/thriller

Production: LonRom Film Production Ltd and Fierce cat Media 

Two parallel realities and a baby as the thread between Past and Present.

 The Final Haunting is a psychological/thriller. The story that takes the viewer into a world where nothing is as it seems.  The Film probes terrifying and realistic 20th century issues and illustrates how levels of psychological illness primarily brought about by abusive male figures can lead to tragic consequences. 

Distributed by 

in USA and Canada


Director:   Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter: Caroline Burns Cooke

Genre: LGBT Comedy

Production: LonRom Film


Two  old schoolfriends from Rome meet up again in London. Rosa’s a joy,  Andi’s a swot.  Rosa’s lust for life helps her friend to see it’s not about  
being gay, being straight or being Rosa. It’s just about being true. 
Distributed in Europe and USA 


The Power of One Coin



Director:  Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter:  Jack Angerstin

Genre: Drama

Production: LonRom Film Production- Thunderhawk - Dragon Egg Media

The life of five characters apparently without any connection, are linked to each other by a Bus, the passage of an old coin and the escape of a dog. Their brief interaction will change the course of their existence forever.

Currently touring the Festival Circuit

InterPlay Web Series (Pilot)

Directors: Flaminia Graziadei & Taz Ayoub

Created by: Flaminia Graziadei & Taz Ayoub

Production: LonRom Film Production

The Pilot

When a close friend of a tight, sexually-diverse group, experiences a less than happy dating

adventure, the others start to open up about their online encounters and their ongoing

internet searches, which leads to questions we've all wanted to ask about the etiquette

surrounding online interactions. 

The Series

Each episode of InterPlay poses a dating dilemma. By reaching out to each other,

our group of friends reach out to the viewer, and we invite you to engage

with the series interactively through social media to reveal the best and the

worst of online hook-ups, tips for dating and other aspects of fast-paced online


InterPlay has been chosen for a TV Series co-production between Uk and Italy and is currently in development

Crazy Bitch Blues

Director:  Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter:  JLaura Jane Swain

Genre: Dark Comedy

Production: LonRom Film Production - Lumino Films

Two embittered sisters war over the belongings of their dead mother and are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they think is rightfully theirs!

The film has just been completed and is about to enter the Festival Circuit