Luton to Leicester

Director:  Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter: Flaminia Graziadei – James With – Caroline Cooke

Genre: ​Brit Road Movie Comedy

Format: Feature film

Recently widowed, Janet, 70s and her long divorced sister Jo, 80, embark on a road trip from Janet’s home in Luton to house and teenager-sit for Jo’s son in Leicester. Jo has a secret to tell, which will reveal the true cause of the tension that has existed between them since a betrayal 50-odd years ago. But the arrival of Kosovan refugee Lara into their car and lives creates adventure, danger and reconciliation as they give chase to police and pimps alike. The Hallerton Hare Scramble and Bottle kicking Easter celebrations will never be the same again.

A LonRom Film Production project 

a year in london-poster

A year in London

Director:  Flaminia Graziadei

Screenwriter: Jan Dunn

Genre: Lesbian Romance

Format: Feature film

When Olivia, an aspiring fashion designer from a small hillside town in Italy, comes to London for a Master in a prestigious Fashion Institute, her aim is to develop the skills she has picked up from her third generation tailor father. What she isn’t expecting to experience is a terrorist attack which literally throws her across the street and into the arms of…. her lecturer, Nina. Will this coup-defoudre moment tempt Nina into disregarding her number one rule when it comes to students, or has she found true love in Olivia? Olivia’s time in London becomes a life changing experience in so many more ways than she could ever have imagined. An Anglo-Italian love story set against the backdrop of contemporary London, Brexit, sexuality, identity, diversity and fashion. 

A LonRom Film Production Project